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PACL is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Industrial Chemicals

At Pan Africa Chemicals, we aim for global benchmarks of excellence in manufacturing and trading in various range of products in domestic and international markets, caring for individual customer need and satisfaction.Mr. Yogesh Dawda, Chairman

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Our customers and continuous demand for excellence – this is what PAC strives for at every instance.



Our willingness to continually learn, adapt to, and perhaps educate, best practices to ensure that every customer is satisfied to a standard they demand.



Our ability and self control that pushes us to work through challenges. Be it best production techniques, quality or service.

About Pan Africa Chemicals

  • Pan Africa Chemicals Ltd (PAC), is one of Kenya’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Chemicals.
    Our success and stronger business performance is driven by our people and their commitment to get results, operating responsibly and executing with excellence!
  • In its present form, PAC is a young company, but it stems from an industrial backgorund going back almost 20 years!
    We are proud of that heritage and of many milestones en route to being one of today’s groups in East Africa – Dawda Group
  • We develop affordable industry standard solutions for our clients, as well as tailor-made solutions needed in specialized fields.
    Our purchasing network is spread across six countries, including India, Chnia and United Kingdom.
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To emerge as a global player in the area of chemicals and allied products by consolitdation, expansion and value addition.Group Vision

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